The Iverson Family Member Spotlight

SCCF Members: Morgan, Scott, and Lori Iverson

Our family was introduced to CrossFit in 2013. We were working out at a local gym in Grove city when we met Isaac. We did personal training with Isaac and he began talking to us about CrossFit. Scott was instantly intrigued and began fundamentals at SCCF in May 2013. I was a little apprehensive at first coming off of a couple of knee surgeries but I continued to work with Isaac learning more about CrossFit and after watching the battle of the box I was hooked — I also joined and completed fundamentals in September 2013.

Morgan would also come to the box with us and watch when she was off for school or practice but the more she began to watch the more she wanted to do the workouts. Before we knew it she was asking to do the WODs and with the help of Tim and Kyle completed her fundamentals in January 2014.

Why do we crossFit? For Scott, everyday is a new challenge and a new goal. Having the group of people to support and challenge you. For Lori, the constant motivation, it is not having a skill and a month later getting the new skill. The walk in ..dread the workout the workout, realize you can do it and walk out going “yep I just did that”. For Morgan, well… “it is just awesome, The feeling of getting a new PR…it makes me work harder!” “I love lifting weights!”.

Morgan began competitive gymnastics at the age of three. The combination of Morgan’s gymnastics training and CrossFit really enhanced her sports in so many ways. Not only was she stronger in a different way, but she was confident not just in her skills but in herself. We saw her handle the pressures of competitions with a different outlook. One of the biggest was the mental aspect of gymnastics. This year Morgan competed at the Arnold classic. While she was warming up the vault she did not flip a single vault. Her coach was frustrated and she was mad and near tears. We sat in the stands watching and thinking “oh boy…” When it came her time to vault she saluted the judges and took off running and flipped a gorgeous vault earning her a high score. When we asked her what changed …she said “got to move or die!”. Guess she listens to coaches! iverson at SCCF

We are close family of three, but through CrossFit we have found something that all three of us have in common. Who wouldn’t want to get a fist bump from their daughter at the end of a work out or when you reach a new skill. Our family and lifestyle has changed so much since we began CrossFit. Not only are we more active but we are healthier. Often times dinner conversations revolve around the workout of the day. We are able to challenge and motivate each other and cheer each other on, it is such a great feeling. Individually we just simply feel better. It is amazing what simply challenging yourself everyday can do for self confidence and self esteem. No longer is it the numbers on the scale, but how the weights going up make you feel!