The Hackathorne Family

Our Crossfit story began when we first moved back to Columbus in June of 2013. We wanted to find someplace to workout that was close to our new home and not be a far drive as that always seems to make it harder to go when you have to drive a far distance. We had watched some of the 2012 Crossfit games that were being broadcast on ESPN and thought it looked interesting. All the athletes were in great shape and doing all sorts of crazy weightlifting and cardio workouts.


So we started looking for places near our house and found Southern Columbus Crossfit. We stopped in one day to check it out not knowing what to expect and to talk to Kyle. Kyle showed us around and asked us about our goals and what we knew about Crossfit already. We watched part of a WOD that was going on and made an appointment to come back and go through the On-Ramp class. It was a struggle at first as the movements were not very familiar. Kyle was very patient and made sure that we had everything down before moving to the next movement. Eventually we got the WOD. It was not super awesome and fun. It actually was Crossfit Open WOD 12.4 – 150 Wallballs, 90 Double-Unders, and 30 Muscle-Ups. Anybody who does Crossfit is not necessarily a fan of wall balls or getting hit in the face by one (it happens sometimes). I am pretty sure he scaled back the wall balls though. I cannot remember the time cap, but I barely finished the wall balls and started my jump rope and Anne finished both movements and moved on the ring rows.


Fast forward to 2016. We are in much better shape!  We are much faster, stronger, and more mobile than ever before. Every day has its struggles. Whether it be in the gym or at home there is always something getting in your way. But being dedicated to giving it your all is part of the Crossfit way. No matter how strong you are or fast you are there is always room for growth. So show up, give it your best, and if it wasn’t there is always tomorrow. Never give up and always remember you are capable of more than you think. Just remember that and you will be just fine… despite laying on the floor after a WOD, barely being able to breathe, wondering what just happened…


Lastly, it is all about community. Anyone who has been to a regular gym knows it isn’t fun. Sure, you show up and get your work in and go about your day. Crossfit isn’t like that. A HUGE part of it is going in and seeing those familiar faces around you and knowing you are about to embark on something most don’t get to be a part of. Fun and equal parts terrifying tends to create a bond afterwards. You get to see and be around people you know and have a bond with and that is what Crossfit is – a community of people who are supportive and want to see the person next to them succeed.


Thanks for everything Coach Tim and Coach Kyle!



– Joe Hackathorne / Uncoachable

– Anne Hackathorne / Coachable