The Claffey Family

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 LIZ:     I was obsessed with running.  I loved racing! I was constantly thinking about it or reading about it.  I had stacks of Runner’s World magazines and books on running everywhere.   I had saved every race bib, had boxes of medals and awards, and pages and pages of race times.

While training for my 6th marathon my left leg starting bothering me and it progressed to near paralysis.  I missed my marathon and had an MRI instead.  After physical therapy, surgery and another year of physical therapy, I was still not ok.  Another MRI… surgeon said I can’t help you… you should stop running and take up walking and swimming.  Everyone said Liz just stop running and walk.  They said you know you are getting older….I said NO! I’m not a walker, not even a jogger, I am a runner.  Unacceptable!

I decided to try a chiropractor.  He said my MRI showed I still had a herniated disc but now I also had scar tissue, but, he thought he could help me…6 months later I was doing much better.  My chiropractor is a Crossfitter and said maybe I should try it.  But when I asked my doctor about Crossfit he said “No, don’t do it, you will get hurt”

So I did it anyways. I started July of 2013.

I told Tim I had a bad back…he said no problem you’ll be fine…We will modify.

I was scared to death!  I had never seen a slamball before, never used a barbell except to bench press, and why would I want to climb that rope or do a handstand?  Are you Crazy?! I will probably get hurt! The new words were so confusing…Who’s a jerk?  And that word “snatch” is kind of offensive.  Jump rope?…not sure I can do that anymore…but Tim and Kyle just said YOU CAN DO IT!  JUST DO IT LIZ!

I am doing it and I am getting stronger and better every day.  I am actually the fittest I have ever been.  I never dreamed I could be doing so many amazing things in my 40’s.

Miss running? NO WAY!



DAVE:            Its ALL Liz’s fault!  It was her idea.  When she suggested we try Crossfit, I was skeptical of this new “fad”.  We’ve tried the P90X’s, Tae Bo, mararthons, half marathons, Spartan Workouts, Men’s Fitness Challenges, and created our own workout routines. The results were always the same.  We were excited for the first 2 weeks, become bored and struggled to stay motivated to finish the current program for the next 6-10 weeks, then came the disappointment with the results, and we would look for a new program.  I figured Crossfit would be the same, but what do we have to loose.

At first, I attended a free “trial” WOD….Wow, that was fun.  Then I attended the fundamentals classes….very interesting and OMG, I’ve been lifting and moving wrong all these years.  Then I started attending WODs on a regular basis, anywhere from 3-6 days a week.  I have been a Crossfitter for about a year now.   I have not been bored yet.  And I can’t wait for the next day to drag my butt into the box, roll out my sore areas, laugh a little, then kick ass in the WOD, make a sweat angel on the floor, sucking air, wondering if I’m going to pass out, thinking “Wow that was fun!”  Sometimes I finish first, sometimes last, but I always feel like I kicked ass.

Why do we crossfit as a family?  We know that a big part of ones happiness in life is your fitness level.  We are raising three children that we want to grow to be healthy, strong, confident adults.  They want to be just like mom and dad.  When they see us climb a 15 foot rope, do a muscle up, or handstand walk, then they are not afraid of trying it themselves.  All of a sudden mom and dad are cool!

Our youngest 2 children participate in Kidsfit occasionally, when their gymnastic schedule allows.  They love to exercise and to test their own abilities in strength, speed and balance.   Our oldest, Davey, who is 12, attends WODs on a regular basis.  I have seen major physical improvement in Davey.  I see it at the box, on the soccer field, and at home. He is more confident and is learning to harness his inner competitiveness.



DAVEY:         I started Crossfit because almost every night, my parents would come home and just talk and talk about this SCCF deal.  They were really excited.  I didn’t get it, because last time I checked, working out was painful and definitely not fun.  My dad tried to explain the thrill of competing in a WOD or achieving a new PR, but I still was in the mindset of “it’s too hard and I’m not up for it.”  Well dad woke me up at 4:00 am to go to the 5:00 am WOD one morning to do my first WOD.  As my dad told me, it’s hard to describe the feeling, but he explained it as “feeling powerful or strong”.  Ever since I started Crossfit, I have become faster, stronger, and better.  The new, improved, Davey 2.0.  Sometimes on the way to the box, I feel dread, like I’m too tired and sluggish and just can’t do it today.  I walk in and see WallBalls on the board.  “Oh no!”  Then I walk out thinking “ Give me your best shot world, because I can take it, I am a Crossfitter!”


We hope we can continue to do crossfit for a very long time. We love the competitive style of the WODs.  But, one thing we have learned at SCCF is it’s not about who’s best, it’s about how can we help each other to become better athletes.  It’s fun because of the people here.  We could look up WODs on Google and do most of this stuff at home.  But, at the box, we have a support team.  Other athletes to compete with, friends to collaborate with, and trainers that keep us safe, teach and drive us to be our best. We can’t say enough about the coaches that have contributed to our overall improvement and continue to encourage us daily.  Thank you Southern Columbus Crossfit!