Getting Started

You are one step closer to a better, stronger, happier you.

If you are are new to the CrossFit Community, you are required to complete our CrossFit On-Ramp Program .  The On-Ramp Program is essential to teach the safety and effectiveness of CrossFit, along with teaching the nine foundational movements.  These classes are designed to prepare you to start CrossFit Training.

Don’t worry, you do not have to jump into the regular CrossFit classes and pretend to be Superman. Our members come from and are at all levels of fitness. EVERY movement is scaleable to a level that will be safe for you as well as challenging. Every member improves through at their own pace. Don’t worry about other members judging you for not being at a particular level. Every single member has been exactly where you are. We do not judge, only encourage. You will find the culture of SCCF is highly supportive and motivating. You will feel comfortable and at home at SCCF, all while working harder, and seeing more results than you have ever seen before.




You have the following options to complete the Fundamentals Program

Option #1:

OnRamp Group Sessions – $100

• Athletes will need to complete 8-10 On-Ramp CrossFit Classes within a 30-day time frame.

• The On-Ramp CrossFit Classes will be offered on: Monday throughThursday @ 6:30pm, Friday @ 5:30pm, and 8am or 10am on Saturdays

• The goal of the OnRamp is to gradually introduce the athlete to CrossFit and to teach the fundamentals throughout these Classes.

• Athletes will be in the regular CrossFit Classes with a private Coach – workouts will be modified or scaled based on the athlete’s athletic ability.

• At the end of the On-Ramp CrossFit Classes, a review test will be given by a Coach to see if athlete has learned the CrossFit movements to standard and has a basic understanding of a majority of exercises. If Coach determines the athlete is not ready, a private session will need to be scheduled to cover those exercises/movements. If Coach determines that athlete is “Good to Start”, athlete can start CrossFit classes – Athlete will need to sign up for program at this time.

• If athlete cannot attend the OnRamp Group Classes at the offered times, see Option #2 below.

Option #2:

CrossFit Fundamentals 1 on 1 – $125 •

The CrossFit Fundamentals 1 on 1 is the same as the OnRamp Group Sessions except you will be 1 on 1 with a trainer and at a schedule of your choosing.

• Athlete will need to schedule and attend 3-4 private 90-minute CrossFit Fundamentals Classes with a CrossFit Coach.

• Classes will teach the Foundational Movements of the CrossFit program, along with the methodology, safety, efficiency, and mechanics of those movements.

• Upon completion of the 3-4 private sessions, athlete will need to sign up for a program.